Profiling Africa's latest generation of photographers

DJ Cleo in 2013′ by Neo Ntsoma
Six-part series The New African Photography premieres on Monday 22 April 2013 on Al Jazeera English on Artscape. The programmes look at Africa through the eyes of its most acute observers: its photographers.
The six episodes are:
Invisible Borders (screening 22 April)
Nigerian Emeka Okereke is the founder of Invisible Borders, an annual photographic project that takes African artists on a road trip across the continent. Invisible Borders follows Okereke and fellow Nigerian photographer Lilian Novo on her most recent journey from Nigeria through Cameroon and Gabon.
The Red Dress (screening 29 April)
Barbara Minishi is a leading fashion photographer in Kenya. For her latest project, Minishi swapped skinny models for normal people, photographing a wide range of women all wearing the same red dress as a symbol of unity and national identity in the aftermath of the 2007 post-election violence in which more than 1,000 Kenyans were killed.
George Osodi (screening 6 May)
Nigerian George Osodi is a former Fuji African Photographer of The Year Award winner. He?s renowned for his hauntingly beautiful pictures of the oil devastation in the Niger delta.
Neo Ntsoma (screening 13 May)
South African Neo Ntsoma is the first woman recipient of the CNN African Journalist Award for photography. She revisits DJ Cleo and the stars of South Africa?s new democratic dawn to take new portraits and discover the effects of 20 years of freedom. Ntsoma moved away from news because she didn?t want to reinforce African stereotypes.
Congolese Dreams (screening 20 May)
Executive produced by Viva Riva director Djo Munga, Congolese Dreams follows photographer Baudouin Mouanda as he explores the idea of marriage in Congo. The Congolese photographer burst onto the global photographic scene with his colourful photographs of Brazzaville members of SAPE (The Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People).
Mario Macilau (screening 27 May)
Emmy-winning documentary director Francois Verster follows former street child Mario Macilau, as he uses photography to investigate the growing gap between rich and poor in Mozambique.
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To watch a rough cut of?Invisible Borders, visit? enter the password ‘BORDERS’.
Neo Ntsoma is a Pathshala alumni and participated in Chobi Mela. She was a Fredskorpset exchange professional at Drik. Mario Macilau participated in Chobi Mela

Author: Shahidul Alam

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2018. A photographer, writer, curator and activist, Shahidul Alam obtained a PhD in chemistry before switching to photography. His seminal work “The Struggle for Democracy” contributed to the removal of General Ershad. Former president of the Bangladesh Photographic Society, Alam set up the Drik agency, Chobi Mela festival and Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, considered one of the finest schools of photography in the world. Shown in MOMA New York, Centre Georges Pompidou, Royal Albert Hall and Tate Modern, Alam has been guest curator of Whitechapel Gallery, Winterthur Gallery and Musee de Quai Branly. His awards include Mother Jones, Shilpakala Award and Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dali International Festival of Photography. Speaker at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Oxford and Cambridge universities, TEDx, POPTech and National Geographic, Alam chaired the international jury of the prestigious World Press Photo contest. Honorary Fellow of Royal Photographic Society, Alam is visiting professor of Sunderland University in UK and advisory board member of National Geographic Society. John Morris, the former picture editor of Life Magazine describes his book “My journey as a witness”, (listed in “Best Photo Books of 2011” by American Photo), as “The most important book ever written by a photographer.”

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