Positive Light book preview

Want to take a sneak preview of the contents of Positive Light? This preview shows the introduction plus the first five spreads of each section of the book. The original contest was broken down into Culture, History, Place and People.
DO NOT BUY THE BLURB COPY from the link above! We are only using Blurb for preview purposes.
Pledge to buy a copy (or copies!) of Positive Light

Don’t forget, up until 31 March 2013 you can pledge to purchase Positive Light at our pre-sales crowdfunding campaign at this link. Every little bit helps — and more importantly this campaign will help Drik continue its work in social justice in Bangladesh.

One thought on “Positive Light book preview”

  1. I amazed. I read some sentences of ‘Positive Light’ at my friend’s drawing-room before. Really the ‘Positive Light’ explained the real fact of Bangladesh by photographic sense & works. I personally think the Bangladesh is the greatest field of photography. I work at the group of Facebook by name ‘Advance & Professional Photographers Bangladesh. Lot of thanks to the author of ‘Positive Light’.

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