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Poised for lift off

Major Dutch foundation backs unique social purpose photo library

Majority World CIC is a niche picture agency that promotes the work of talented local photographers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East (the majority world). Its mission is to? provide them with? a fair chance to compete commercially with their more priveleged western colleagues.
The Board of Stichting DOEN in the Netherlands has just confirmed a three year grant package worth ?150,000 for Majority World CIC. This represents a 50% contribution to Majority World?s funding requirements. The DOEN Foundation?s ambition is to help build a world in which everyone can make a contribution. It promotes sustainable, cultural and socially-minded pioneers to achieve this. DOEN?s spokesperson commented ?the reason why DOEN funded Majority World from the contribution they receive from the Dutch Postcode Lottery is because they are pioneers in combining the potential of digital media with international development. Not only do they increase income for majority world countries in a sustainable way, but they also help to change the stereotypical views that often dominate in the western world.?
Shahidul Alam, the renowned Bangladeshi international photo journalist and teacher, and co-founder of Majority World CIC, commented, ?Western media?s stranglehold on the representation of our countries has been a major impediment not only to arriving at a realistic and nuanced understanding of majority world cultures, but has also made it difficult for local photographers working in those countries to make a living from their craft. We have created this innovative not for profit enterprise to offer a unique opportunity for us to break out. It is an opportunity we cannot and must not let pass by.?
The full funding package, once in place, will be used to employ a full time professional team with associated marketing and operating budgets. This team will roll out Majority World?s new strategy, developed with help from social enterprise consultants Equity Plus ( The core of the strategy is an ambitious programme to widen the range of high quality saleable images taken by photographers from the majority world, to widen the organization?s ?communications skills, to raise the profile of??the Majority World?brand (developed pro bono by Landor Associates in London), and to broaden distribution of its images throughout the minority world.
Colin Hastings, co-founder and Director of Strategy says ?Stichting Doen?s confidence in our business plan is a massive boost as we seek the remaining ?150,000 of funding. We have been working intensively with Equity Plus and now have a credible proposal. The potential to make a significant and sustainable economic and social difference in the majority world is within our grasp. We are poised for lift off.?
Funding bodies should in the first instance request information from:
Daniel Brewer, Equity Plus, +44 (0)845 5279204,
For other enquiries contact:
Colin Hastings,?
opening markets, opening minds

Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie, eloquently argues for our cause

Thanks to all of you who visited us at CEPIC in Dublin!
Cape Town Stadium – tonight’s venue for England . . . .

An aerial view of the Cape Town Stadium.This evening England will play Algeria in this new?spectcular venue which? will host matches during the 2010 Soccer World Cup including one of the semi-finals. The famous Table Mountain can be seen in the background.
Photo:?Anthony Allen / Majority World
Contact:??Rowan Watts, Majority World CIC
tel: +44 (0)1491 652598

2010 Football World Cup through African eyes

Africa in the spotlight: football in focus

The World Cup in South Africa is putting the whole of Africa in the spotlight and providing an opportunity for that continent to show that there is another story to be told besides the normal image of poverty, famine and helplessness.

The insiders? perspective

Africa?s stories are too often told through the eyes and lenses of outsiders; western editors, journalists and photographers. Majority World, a unique photo library championing the work of photographers from developing nations, offers a different take: the insider perspective which redefines what is important about Africa. Our photographers and the journalists they work with are all born in and work in African countries. They provide unique access, cultural intimacy, and sympathetic insights which tell a different story; the insiders?story.

Wide ranging themes

Majority World is offering a range of photographic features and photo essays on the themes connected with African football to enrich the coverage of that event. We have stories about the stars, the stadiums, the fans and farms (yes farms? is an important release for mobile farm workers in remote farms in Zimbabwe). We have stories about street football, sports commentators, the role of IT in football, fishermen and football, and, (just to play to the stereotypes), witchcraft and football. We have stories from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi in the south, to Kenya and Uganda in the East, to Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Burkina Fasso in the west to Algeria, Egypt and Sudan in the north?.all part of the rich tapestry of nations, colours and cultures that make up this vibrant continent.

So editors, here is your chance to give your readers something truly different, something that reveals the many rainbow coloured African threads that lead up to this great international event.


Majority World on BAPLA site

Indigenous Photographers - Telling their own story

Themes of the Month - May 2009

Get an intimate view into the joyous festivals celebrated by diverse cultures from all over the world. Join us - from the beaches of Brazil where offerings are sent to the sea goddess Lemanja, to the rolling hills of southern Bangladesh for the Rakhain community's annual water festival, and the streets of Medellin, Colombia, where the crowd dances all night at a parade of myths and legends.

External links "Indigenous Photographers - Telling their own story" As our site does not have a specific selection featured on festivals, the link will take you through to our search engine, where you can then use the festival keyword search to pull up the image results. We are in the process of having a complete re-brand and re-launch of our website in the next six months so the featured sections are not available at present. Each image has interesting caption details in the file info that can optionally accompany the images.

Majority World offers fresh perspectives and insight from over 200 photographers from Asia, Latin America and Africa. With an expanding online library of over 18,000 images along with an extensive offline archive, visit us at to access the wealth of fresh imagery emerging from the majority world.

Smiling boys during the Holi festival, India

? Prasanta Biswas/Drik India/Majority World

By Katherine van Acker/The Image Works. Click link below
By Katherine van Acker/The Image Works. Click link below

New Majority World video

The Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health - Photos by Majority World

Majority World
A mother walking with her children. Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 07, 2006 Mustafiz Mamun / Majority World
Zimbabwean couple carry food aid from the distribution centre. Zimbabwe. December 11, 2007. Warren Nelson / Majority World
A community health worker checking up eyes of a pregnant woman for signs of anemia, at her residence, in the village of Grax, outskirts of Karachi, in Pakistan. September 8, 2008. Shehzad Noorani / Majority World
Majority World brings to light the wealth of fresh imagery emerging from the majority world ? our more accurate term for what has been known as ?the developing world? and ?global south.?
We primarily enable the discovery of indigenous photographic talent, promoting ethical standards in trade and valuing the authentic view that local photographers provide ? being of the culture, knowing the people, speaking the language and having an innate understanding of local context.
?Human beings allow me to document moments in their lives. I am the eyes, the ears and the voice of a people?
Sandra Sebastian Pedro. Photographer. Guatemala
?Diversity; great! Quality; great, given the circumstances? most remarkable; it breaks through the stereotypes. It shows the people as they are, not as the western world likes to cultivate it. ?
Bas Van Beek, World Portraits,2008.
Fatema, a young girl, tries to help her family by running a small shop beside the road. Shoronkhola, Khulna, Bangladesh. January 16, 2008. The affected People of the coastal areas, struggle to get back to the normal course of life, after the devastation of cyclone SIDR, in November 15, 2007. K. M. Asad / Majority World
After the cyclone, fresh water became the most vital necessity for the survivors of SIDR. Shoronkhola, Khulna, Bangladesh. January 16, 2008. K. M. Asad / Majority World

Majority World in more detail:

In an ever-increasing socially aware world, concepts such as Ethical and Fair Trade, Social Responsibility, Reduction of the world’s Carbon Footprint, Organic, Authentic, Local and Sustainable?that were once used only amongst the few and relatively unheard minority?have become the common currency of politicians, business leaders, television personalities, students, housewives and consumers. In short, ideas once bantered around by the few are now products and services demanded by the many.

Our concept is strongly influenced by the principles of fairly traded imagery and is implemented not only through trading, but also campaigning, fundraising and training activities, often done in partnership with other like-minded organisations and companies. We strongly believe in sustainable business as a means of bringing about social change and reducing poverty and social injustice.
Majority World here in the UK is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) which actively markets the availability of this image content into the UK, European and US markets – providing the ?bridge? to enable direct access to the ?northern? marketplace for the work of indigenous photographers from the majority world.
A fundamental guiding principle is that trade is one of the most helpful ways we can use to stimulate lasting change. Indigenous photographers will be guaranteed visibility in the ?north? and a fair price for image use, where their rights are protected and income increased to provide sustainable livelihoods and improved quality of life.

Majority World in Eye Image Portfolio
Majority World in Eye Image Portfolio

Click on photo to see larger image

Swapan Nayak's photography and concept in Helvetas Card Pack

Imagery & concept ? 2008 Swapan Nayak / Drik India / Majority World / Helvetas

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