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The first episode of the documentary “Chobi Mela? will be on air today at 6.00 pm on Channel I.

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By Chulie De Silva

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By Bai Xi/Natalie

Voting for Themes ends 11:59 GMT 15th February 2010

Vote for your favourite theme at:
Just over a year to go to Chobi Mela VI. Several themes were proposed on the final session of Chobi Mela V. An online discussion, to be followed by an online poll will determine the theme. Go to to lobby passionately for your favoured theme.
Propose your THEME for Chobi Mela VI
Last date of submission 21 January, 2010
Themes for previous festivals:
Chobi Mela I; Differences
Chobi Mela II: Exclusion
Chobi Mela III: Resistance
Chobi Mela IV: Boundaries
Chobi Mela V: Freedom
As is our custom, on the last day of the festival, we invited participants in Chobi Mela V to suggest themes for Chobi Mela VI. The following themes had been suggested:
– roots/roots and wings
– justice
– legacy
– trust
– life
– peace
– chaos
– silence
– dream
– voices
– change/transformation
– spirituality
– youth
– belonging
– love
Please place your arguments for any of the above themes, or suggest new ones. In keeping with previous festivals, the theme chosen should lend itself to diverse visual rendition, and have a strong social relevance.

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