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Dilawez Durdana(Deepa) to shahidul
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Fall Flower Bouquet, by Durdana, Bangladesh

Drik Newsletter August September

Those of you who missed the display of rare prints from Drik’s?archives should definitely make an appointment?with the library to arrange a private viewing of these lovely prints. Enjoy the latest newsletter by Chulie de Silva.

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Chobi Mela VII in Better Photography

Chobi Mela 2013: Glimpses of What to Expect

The subcontinent?s premier photo festival, Chobi Mela, returns for its
seventh edition in January 2013. Better Photography Magazine tells you what to look forward to.

ADAY.org ? Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow

On May 15 2012, Aday.org asked people around the world to pick up their cameras to photograph daily life.

Bringing together thousands of both amateur and professional photographers, the project mirrors how we lead our everyday lives in 2012. The resulting collection of images is a unique document of what really lies close to us and how photography connects us.
Editor in Chief AYPERI KARABUDA ECER was responsible for the concept and photographic content of Aday.org. Bringing in a unique global experience of working with editorial production and markets, including as Vice President of Pictures at Reuters, Editor in Chief at Magnum Photos Paris and bureau Chief for Sipa Press in New York. Ayperi described Bangladesh and Portugal as ‘the most inspiring contributing countries’

Home - Room 20:58, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Photo: TAPASH

Daily life of local fisherman, Countryside in Bangladesh. 15th May 2012  20:51, Sylhet, Moglabazar, Bangladesh. Photo: Md. Akhlas Uddin, Sylhet Photographic Society
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Children's Eyes on Earth

2012 photography contest

Thousands of young photographers worldwide submitted their images to the?youth photography contest, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Children aged 17 and under were encouraged to illustrate the themes of ‘I love nature’ and ‘I hate pollution’. Here are the winning shots, along with a selection from those shortlisted

Reza Deghati, the organiser of the contest, was the first tutor at Pathshala way back in 1998 who then went on to form the media organisation Aina in Afghanistan. Drik and Aina were partners in the Fredskorpset exchange. Reza was the guest of honour at Drik’s 23rd anniversary.

SOS by Anastasya Vorobko, 8, Russia, first prize winner

Grain by Sazzid Ahmed, 17, Bangladesh, shortlisted

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Explore. Dream. Discover

by?Sanita Ahmed

New Age
If the world has an ovarian shape and nobody knows when it really ends, then Vinita Karim?s artistic endeavours seems to be ongoing on a cyclic loop of intriguing artwork exhibits. The artist?s latest exposition opened at the Bengal Art Lounge on October 13, where Chief Guest, Pankaj Saran, the High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh inaugurated the exhibition. The title echoes the feel of the exhibit, where Vinita reintroduces her artworks from the last two decades as the artistic extraordinaire she is at creating natural worlds through symbolic paintings.

Sunset city1,Oil,acrylic,gold and copper-leaf on canvas,156x63.5cm,2012,India

The gallery showcases the distinctive forms of Vinita?s creations over the years, from the acrylic paintings collided with a rich harmony of vibrant colours from 1995 to the unconventional ovoid shapes she created in 2011 by mulling them over with lustrous landscapes.? Vinita?s paintings are not constructed exclusively from the inspiration of landscapes; rather she implements her intricate acrylic techniques to conjure up a beautiful composition using certain elements that can be found in such landscapes.
The occasional boats, the blossoming waterbeds and the rural skyline are repetitive components of her paintings which are formed with contoured brush strokes in an asymmetrical grid-like fashion. The arbitrary placement of such elements works up a fury of abstraction and along with the impressionist scenes, Vinita?s paintings blend the structural realm of colour and random natural ingredients in one astounding kaleidoscopic vision.
She also draws inspiration from 20th century Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hunderrwasser who creates his landscape paintings using similar styles. Although she was born in India, she is marinated from the rest of the world, a result evident in her paintings where she has injected her experiences from India, Switzerland, Egypt and Philippines.

She first started creating ovoid installations when she was living in the Philippines. A tornado had caused an abundance of trees to collapse, from where Vinita collected the branches and created her first oval structure using wood. Now, she creates the same using fibre glass and she explains her affection for the oval shape since it symbolizes the birth of creation.
Most of her paintings and installations are layered with deeper significances where she weaves geometric and fluid forms and creates a mythical vortex of her perception of home that makes the viewers fall in the depths of a naturalistic empire where emotions all collide into one big supernova that envelops the mind with an encompassing grasp. Being an exhilarant wanderer, she believes home is not restricted to a singular place and over the years, her paintings have matured into a natural dominion of her inner space.

The exhibition hosts the artistic evolution of Vinita over the last twenty years where viewers are brought out of the normative gaze and sprung face-to-face with a majestic set of artwork that are more than just landscapes but rather, a visual extension of the artist?s imagination and creativity. This is the artist?s third exhibition in Bangladesh since 1995 and 1998 and she hopes to re-introduce her paintings in the local art scene in Dhaka. The exhibition will remain open until October 25.

Open Access and Closed Minds

Balancing Intellectual Property and Public Interest in the Digital Age
By?Nalaka Gunawardene
?UN Chronicle

Children watching an open air film screening in Siem Reap, Cambodia. ? TVE Asia Pacific

Nearly a decade ago, South Africa based British documentary producer Neil Curry made an extraordinary film,?The Elephant, the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree?about the complex ecosystem around Africa?s mopane woodland. This engaging tale won many awards in leading environmental and natural history film festivals.
Having spent several months in Botswana researching and filming the story, Neil wanted to take the film back to where it was shot. He knew that the wildlife parks and schools in the area could use the film to educate the local people and visitors. However, there was one problem: the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Natural History Unit, which had funded the film and thus owned the copyright, would not share it. For two years, Neil?s request for a single DVD copy for use in Botswana was passed around within its bureaucracy until he gave up.?This is not an isolated incident, and the BBC is not the only culprit. Every year, vast amounts of public or philanthropic funds are spent on making hundreds of documentaries and TV programmes on various environmental, development and social issues. These are typically aired a few times; some are also screened at film festivals or released on DVD. Most are locked up in broadcast archives and never seen again. Continue reading “Open Access and Closed Minds”

Largest Global Photo Exhibition

A Day In The World is ‘largest global photo exhibition’ BBC.

Wikstrom says: “Some of the most extraordinary images come from Bangladesh, people were really engaged and they have a strong tradition of photography.”

The left hand picture by KM Asad from Bangladesh (Pathshala alumni)  shows 45-year-old Rahela who works in a factory cleaning waste from the production of incense, despite suffering from asthma.  The light-hearted shot on the right shows a makeshift light switch cover - but note the swastika carved into the Mona Lisa's forehead.

A Day In The World is being billed by organisers as the largest global photography exhibition ever staged, shown on 85,000 digital displays in 22 countries. Among the exhibits will be Iranian photographer Mehran Hamrahi's shot of a young boy diving past a water buffalo.
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Majority World on Corriere Immigrazione (Italian)

Majority world

Perch? ? importante che a raccontare i ?paesi impoveriti? siano i loro stessi figli.?Le foto (link)
Until the lions have their own storytellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter, si legge in epigrafe a?My Journey as a Witness, il libro fotografico che raccoglie la storia artistica e fotogiornalistica di Shaihidul Alam. Fino a quando i leoni non avranno i loro cantastorie, i racconti di caccia celebreranno sempre il cacciatore. Shahidul Alam ? un artista eclettico del Bangladesh: ha sempre spaziato tra musica, scrittura e immagine tenendo l?impegno sociale come filo conduttore di tutto il suo lavoro. Ed ? stato lui, all?inizio degli anni ?90, a cominciare a usare l?espressione?Majority World?(la parte maggiore del mondo) in sostituzione alle ambigue e inaccurate?devoloping countries(paesi in via di sviluppo) o?third world?(terzo mondo).?Majority World?? anche il nome (link) di un?agenzia di fotogiornalismo (Alam ? tra i fondatori) che ha la sua sede centrale nel Regno Unito e che raccoglie i lavori di fotografi della maggior parte del mondo impegnati a raccontare i loro Paesi fuori dai clich? e dagli stereotipi troppo spesso presenti nella visione occidentale. Lo scorso luglio alla Guardian Gallery di Kings Place, a Londra, ? stata organizzata un?esposizione di alcuni tra gli scatti pi? belli di questi professionisti. Colin Hastings, cofondatore con Alam di?Majority World, sarebbe felice di fare viaggiare questa mostra per il mondo e di raccogliere le immagini in un catalogo. Riuscirci, come sempre, ? una questione di fondi e di sponsor. In attesa che qualcosa si muova, sperando in fondo di contribuire a questo movimento, abbiamo il privilegio e il piacere di proporvi alcune di queste immagini.
Stefania Ragusa

ARThinkSouthAsia Cultural Management Programme 2013-14

ARThinkSouthAsia invites applications for ARThinkSouthAsia Cultural Management Programme 2013-14
The ARThinkSouthAsia Fellowship is designed to help develop skills, knowledge, networks and experience of potential leaders in the cultural sector of South Asia, which include museums, the visual and performing arts and digital media. We believe that by supporting exceptional individuals to make a step-change in their skills and career potential, we can bring substantial benefit to the cultural field as a whole.
Fifteen fellows will be selected from across South Asia for the Fellowship, which includes a two week residential course in April 2013 led by experienced international and Indian tutors, a secondment/internship in Germany/UK over the fellowship year 2013-14, and a concluding seminar in March the following year.
Requirements for the application
1. Minimum graduate degree from a recognized university or equivalent professional qualifications and experience of at least 3 years, either in employment or freelance
2. Detailed CV
3. Submission of a proposed/ongoing project
4. Two letters of recommendation from relevant educational/professional sources
5. Completed application form
Please note that the fellowship is aimed towards south Asian residents only.
Deadline: 15th November, 2012
Send by e-mail or registered post to:
Fellowship Applications, ARThinkSouthAsia
c/o S-17, Khirkhee Extension
New Delhi – 110017
T: +919871467227
Application form and other details?