One thought on “A Bangla New Year without Irfan”

  1. Dear Irfan uncle were a man of honor, love, patience and humility. His everlasting smile & amiable personality touched the heart of everyone.
    I accept everything Irfan uncle went through because he accepted things humbly. All the excruciating time he went through he accepted it silently with patience.
    Irfan uncle gave so much to everyone of us. After everything how can we accept this intolerable death of his. His death wast not like any other natural death.
    How can we stay silent?
    Yes we will mourn the loss of Irfan uncle & we will greet him to every celebration that will pass by. But I would like to remind ourselves we can’t just mourn & deplore. We have to remember his everlasting smile & accomplish ourselves to bring the smile on our face by bringing the killers to justice.
    If we all work together we can diminish the grief in young Umam & his beloved mother’s heart.
    Please my dear brothers & sisters, put our feet in Umam & his mother Zohra’s shoes & move forward to protect another Umam becoming fatherless .
    All the Best.

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