1134 "lives not numbers" The exhibition

Invitation - 1134Taslima Akhter
Habiba Happy013
Farzana Hossen023
Farzana Hossen030
Habiba Happy003
Farzana Hossen028
Habiba Happy004
Habiba Happy022
Habiba Happy009
Farzana Hossen025
Farzana Hossen031
Habiba Happy001
Habiba Happy005Rahul Talukder2
Habiba Happy016
Under the Rubble
Suvra Kanit Das2Farzana Hossen038
Farzana Hossen036
Farzana Hossen033 Farzana Hossen039
Atish Saha
Farzana Hossen024
Rahul Talukder1

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