The pictures on this website are taken in exploratory walks, or WildWalks. We do not follow a set route but allow ourselves to be drawn by what we see. We photograph the objects, situations and people that catch our eye. We don?t get seduced into trying to find a coherent line. We just keep collecting images until our concentration lapses, usually around 2-3 hours. ?What we collect are details with a story. The way you look is important. You look either with a micro gaze or a macro gaze. You discover patterns by either completely zooming in or zooming out. In daily life we mostly use of mid-range gaze. ?The PAPA way of looking, in which you zoom in on details or zoom out to the total picture, is easy to learn.?


LAGOS?-? It is the tradition here to place a keg (a small barrel of about 30 gallons) on a vehicle to show that it is for sale. Such a keg would?
Toye Gbade???Lagos Lab

LETS GO SHOPPINGROTTERDAM?-? A submerged shopping cart in the middle of a shopping centre. What does that tell you? I once heard that a shopping cart costs around 600 euros. I don?t know?
Martijn Nieuwenhuis???Rotterdam Lab

TABIZDHAKA?-? Most people have a ?tabiz?. They are usually small pieces of paper with writings from the Qur?an, packed in little tubes or small caskets. They are often tied around the?
Shahidul Alam???Migrationpapa

AFTER DRINKINGBISHKEK?-? The bottle of beer supports the bottle of maksym. Maksym is the national drink that helps to neutralise the ?after drink syndrome?.??
Tatyana Zelenskaja???Bishkek Lab

ELECTRIC WIRE ORNAMENTSAO PAULO?-? Classic pair of shoes on the electric wires: the joy among neighborhood boys.?
Giovana Pasquini???Sao Paulo Lab

LUNCH BREAKROTTERDAM?-? An improvised chair, a table and an empty juice carton, leftovers from a lunch break? The politics of demolish/rebuild leads to perpetual construction sites.?
Maurice Bogaert???Rotterdam Lab

PENDANTLAGOS?-? A pendant of one of the gamblers who told to me that daily betting has brought some improvement to his financial situation. He even boasted he bought his pendant from?
Andrew Esiebo???Migrationpapa

DOMESTIC SHOE RACKLAGOS?-? For the latest in space-saving furniture, your home can have an economical shoe rack like this with enough room for all the family?s footwear. Simply remove window air-conditioning unit (if?
Folarin Shasanya???Lagos Lab

GASFIREDHAKA?-? Gas fire: Throughout Bangladesh is the ubiquitous tea stall selling sweet thick tea. This is where politics, love and the ways of the world are discussed. The fire under a?
Shahidul Alam???Migrationpapa

SAD LAMPBISHKEK?-? This is a ?lustre? in the entrance to my apartment block. In Soviet times the lamp was enclosed by a lattice so people could not steal the bulb. It is?
Raisat Musaeva???Bishkek Lab

SUNDAY MORNING CLEANINGSAO PAULO?-? How to keep the door open without actually opening the snack bar? As S?o Paulo has a warm climate, the majority of shops and snack bars do not have a?
Giovana Pasquini???Sao Paulo Lab

AXEDETROIT?-? A door is marked by a cut left by an axe when a burglar forced his entry into a house. Most of the residents who could afford to have left?
Marcin Szczepanski???Migrationpapa

BRUSHES TO PAINT TREESBISHKEK?-? Every spring everybody cleans up the territory around their houses and paint trees. This is a custom from the Soviet times and people call it ?Subbotnik? because they usually do?
Tatyana Mihnevich???Bishkek Lab


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